Our Story

Groovy Baby provides a light and refreshing mixed cocktail in the convenience of a can. We will always use natural ingredients that are fit for health conscious consumers.

Groovy Baby was born as a family drink in the early 2000’s. It was a staple during family parties and trips to Hawaii and the lake. The name was coined by my mom who realized that the drink was lower in calories and refreshing. Mom wanted to have a fun time without the guilt of carby beers or sugary cocktails, thus Groovy Baby was born.

The name caught on with family and friends, and before long, everyone was requesting me for the signature Groovy Baby cocktail at gatherings.

After searching the market for this type of product in a portable can I was not able to find anything like Groovy Baby…either the drink was too sugary or too carbonated and tasteless. So I wanted to make it my mission to introduce Groovy Baby to the people seeking out a light, flavorful cocktail in the convenience of a can.

Allie Frost, Founder